Astigmatism in Children: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Published on May 11, 2016

Astigmatism can be described as the eye’s refractive error which is also called a cylindrical error. The condition occurs because of an improperly curved cornea which doesn’t refract the light beams in equal measure in all meridians (this is known as corneal astigmatism); the light rays aren’t focused correctly on the eye’s retina. At times, this visual impairment can occur because of an irregularly curved eye lens (this is known as lens astigmatism). This condition occurs mostly in combination with shortsightedness and farsightedness. Children and adults with astigmatism usually see blurred and unclear objects, and when they’re reading small print, some of letters might seem deformed.


What Causes Astigmatism in Children?

It is not known what actually causes astigmatism, however, genetics are a major factor. It is usually present at birth, but it might develop even later in life. It might also occur from injuries to the eyes or after an eye surgery. The astigmatism condition can run in families, and it seems to be much more common in the low birth weight or premature babies, perhaps maybe because the cornea doesn’t have sufficient time to fully develop properly.

Most people are usually born with astigmatism, so it is crucial that all of your children get regular eye tests. Usually, children wont realize there’s anything wrong or amiss with their vision, and if left unchecked or undiagnosed for long, conditions such astigmatism can eventually result in lazy eye. Undiagnosed/untreated astigmatism can also greatly impact their development, causing difficulty in reading, socializing and low concentration levels. Parents should visit an eye care professional much sooner if there’s a family history of eye problems, so that they can know if the problem has been passed on to their children. Now when we know what causes astigmatism in children, see how to recognize the symptoms.

Symptoms of Astigmatism in Children

Many children usually suffer from astigmatism right from birth. Children with astigmatism might experience:

  • Difficulty focusing on the printed words or/and lines
  • Eyestrain, headaches and tired eyes
  • Discomfort or irritation in eyes
  • Distorted or blurred vision
  • Squinting eyes so as to see objects
  • Inability to clearly see both near objects, and far objects without squinting
  • Sensitivity to light

You should consider getting treatment for your child if you happen to observe;

  • Your child is visually inattentive (lack of concentration) during infancy
  • Your child fails vision tests with 1 eye, or with both eyes
  • Your child squints in order to see objects which are at reasonable distances
  • Your child keeps complaining of blurry visions
  • Your child keeps complaining of headaches, tearing, redness of the eyes, or eyestrain especially after reading
  • Your child covers 1 eye in order to see, or keeps rubbing his/her eyes

In case you happen to notice of the above situations, you should seek treatment immediately.

Here is astigmatism test you can take immediately:

Astigmatism Treatment in Children

Well, the treatment of astigmatism basically depends on the severity or degree of the condition, and if there are any other existing problems. Astigmatism treatment in children include;

Contact Lenses or Glasses

If the severity of the condition is low, and there aren’t any other eye problems like hypermetropia or myopia, there’s no need for contact lenses or glasses. The glasses or contact lenses are usually prescribed to the children who face problems because of astigmatism. The corrective glasses or contact lenses basically make the visibility much clearer by overcoming defects of the eyes; the lens of the glasses will adjust the incoming light rays direction, correcting the cornea’s uneven curve. These corrective type of lenses are called toric lenses. For the children, the lenses are usually made of plastic, and they have scratch-proof coating.

An irregular astigmatism in children can’t be corrected by use of glasses or contact lenses, however, there is an effective all natural eyesight improvement program which can greatly help with the condition. And this is what brings us to our next solution for astigmatism treatment in children.


You do not have to spend your hard earned money to buy expensive contact lenses or glasses (which will actually not treat the condition), when you can improve your (or your child’s) eyesight in an all natural and healthy way. “How to Improve Eyesight” is an excellent program which is proven to fix/treat your eyesight in a totally safe and all natural way. The “How to Improve Eyesight” program is not only the most effective treatment, but it’s also the most natural way of regaining and maintaining a perfect eyesight. What makes the program even better is that the entire process takes place in an all natural manner, without the use of any medications, risky lasers or surgical procedure; the program corrects the eye problem by use of eye exercises for astigmatism. Astigmatism is actually easy and fast to cure by taking eye exercises especially with children when they are young in process of development.

This program has been created not only for children with astigmatism, but also for all those who wish to improve/enhance their eyesight and those who want maintain/keep their eyesight in the perfect condition. The program is very effective in prevention of deteriorating eyesight. So, if you or your children have noticed any of the aforementioned symptoms of astigmatism, get this all natural treatment immediately, and the eye problem will be corrected in no time at all.

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Here is also astigmatism infographic that you may want to share with your friends to help them cure astigmatism too!

Astigmatism infographic

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