Is There Clarity Behind the Bates Method Eye Exercises?

Published on December 29, 2015

Most of us have always shied away from going to get our eyes checked out. Maybe that’s because you have never wanted to know your eyes had come down from 20/20 vision capability. But for some who lose a significant portion of vision, you may not have been lucky enough to stay away from ophthalmologists…

You had to seek help and get the dreaded extra eyes in form of spectacles. The only other options you may have been given was contact lenses and Lasik surgery; but you would prefer not to stick any foreign objects in your eyes, and cutting up your eye with lasers is even less appealing, so you stick to glasses.


But what if you knew of another way that could get your eyes seeing well again? And what if this way did not involve surgery or other unpleasant objects like contact lenses? It is possible to see well again by exercising your eye muscles. That is simply because the clarity of your vision is dictated primarily by the six muscles that hold up your eye. By following the bates method eye exercises it is possible to lose the eyeglasses.

Giving Your Eyes a Workout

Dr. Bates is a doctor who believed it possible to regain proper function of the eyes without the use of glasses. Being a practicing ophthalmologist himself, he had studied the function of the eye and come to the conclusion that it was possible to rehabilitate the eyes through exercise. He then formulated the Bates method of eye rehabilitation. Bates studied the function of the six supporting muscles of the eye and concluded that they caused the proper function of the eyes. The two oblique muscles enable near vision while the four rectus muscles allow for farsightedness. He formulated the Bates method exercises under this premise. He came up with techniques which have been perfected over the years, to strengthen these muscles.

These techniques had their foundation in the relaxation of the eyes. Bates believes that the eyes suffer and deteriorate, firstly, because of straining when used incorrectly. Secondly, using eyeglasses puts the eye muscles in an inactive state, which further deteriorates them. This has been accurately cited as using crutches continuously even when your leg has come to a point of walking freely, making it dependent on crutches. The Bates method eye exercises are formulated to help you relearn how to use your eye muscles by utilizing them without the help of mechanical help. One of the ways to relax the eyes is known as palming which involves cupping the eyes with the palm of your hands for a minute or more at different times of the day. Light exposure, or what is referred to as sunning, is another relaxation technique that soothes the eyes when done in the proper manner.

The bates method eye exercises utilizes other methods that are designed to build your muscles. These include the central fixation, swinging, and visualization exercises. The beauty of these exercises is that you require only yourself and the methodology of doing these exercises in order to begin. All it takes is a willing person who needs to better their vision. Another benefit of these exercises is their affordability as they are easy to acquire at a fraction of the price you would pay for constant eye care in prescription updates. This is one of the benefits of the bates method in comparison to other expensive techniques out there that claim a quick fix without any proper research backing.

The Possibility of 20/20 Vision a Reality

When you look at the overall cost of eye care through your lifetime, you will see how much it will actually cost you. And in truth, it is very expensive. Knowing that there is another more viable solution that is a natural method of eye correction should make you reconsider the use of eyeglasses. The bates method desires to give you freedom to enjoy life in clarity and sharpness of vision without being prohibited by eyeglasses, contact lenses or enduring dangerous surgery.

The beauty that How to Improve EyesightTM program offers you is a well-structured program integrating the bates method eye exercises, a proper dietary plan to follow, as well as well-founded advice to help you achieve good vision as it was meant to be. This program is available with a year’s money back guarantee just to ascertain to you that it works as it states. Making a daily routine of these proven methods is bound to have you smiling at the world again, with the strain off your eyes.

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