Getting a Color Vision Test

Published on November 5, 2015

Color blindness is a common condition that affects many people. There are different types of color blindness and the different variations will affect which colors you can and cannot see properly. Although some people who are not color blind think that those who are can only see black and white, this is not true.


Being unable to see any color other than black and white is a very rare condition but color blindness that affects the ability to see certain colors is common. Color blindness can affect quality of life for some people, as it can have an impact on things such as driving or even getting certain jobs.

The variations of color blindness

There are various types of color blindness and a color vision test can determine which one affects you. The different variations of this condition include:

  • Protanomaly: This is where any redness in a color cannot be seen properly by someone with this condition
  • Deuteranomoly: This is where the sufferer has a ‘green weakness’ with problems picking out orange, yellow and green colors
  • Protanopia: This is where the brightness and clarity of red, orange and yellow is adversely affected
  • Deuteranopia: This is similar to protanopia but brightness is not affected and the problem centers on orange, yellow and green colors

Getting a color vision test

In order to determine the variation of color blindness you may be suffering from – or to determine whether you do suffer from color blindness – you should arrange to have a color vision test. Color vision testing is common and is a simple procedure. In fact, you can actually a have color vision test online, which is the simplest and most convenient way to do this. With color vision online testing you can quickly take the test without any disruption. You will find a number of places online where you can take a color vision test, and this includes:

  • This site enables you to take simple color vision tests online as well as providing useful information about color blindness. There are also paediatric color blindness tests on this site.
  • The test on this site will enable you to determine both the type and the extent of color blindness. You can benefit from full instruction to ensure that the test is performed properly for more accurate results.
  • You can pick from a variety of tests on this site, with five different tests available to take online. You can even take multiple tests to determine whether you are suffering from any type of color blindness.

These are just some of the online color blindness testing sites that you can use if you want to find out more about color blindness and whether you might be suffering from it. By taking these tests online you will be able to get more of an idea about any possible condition and you can then determine the best course of action.

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