6 Ways You Are Deteriorating Your Eyesight

Published on January 12, 2016

Time has a way of wearing things down. From the strength you had before to the vitality you basked in. The number of things you were able to do and the speed you handled tasks always decreases with time. The same way the strength in your arms decrease with age is the same way your eyesight does.

Deteriorating eyesight is seen as something that comes naturally with age. Yet in today’s world, more and more people have to make do with eyeglasses, contact lenses and surgery; sadly, eye deterioration is no longer segregated to the older generation.

So what has changed to make you strain so easily at an earlier age? If you have been squinting and feel you need to now visit the optometrist, here are 6 causes of eyesight deterioration that are to blame for this. You will discover your shortcomings in one or more of these habits.


1. Continuous Use of Eyeglasses and Contacts

Eyeglasses have been used through numerous decades to correct vision, or so it is presumed. And with the advancement of technology contact lenses came along to benefit those who prefer not to wear eyeglasses. Yet various respected doctors have admitted to the fact that these correctional lenses do not benefit the patient in any way. Worn continuously over an extended duration of time, correctional lenses reduce the power of the eyes to see by themselves, making you completely dependent on them. The reality is that with continued dependence, so does the deterioration of the eyesight become more. This calls for stronger prescriptions every so often.

2. Prolonged Use of Electronic Screens

Technology came and benefited us in many ways. It also made our work easier, compacting our world in various places like the online world and entertainment units. Though our lives are made easier, our eyes have suffered greatly due to this. You require using a laptop, tablet, or cellphone at different points of your day. If not for work or study, you use them to entertain yourself and keep your world revolving. Herein included is the television screen. While these gadgets have made our lives better, the near point stress that comes from usage of these electronics has played a great role in deteriorating our eyes. Near point stress over time affects the ability of the eye to focus on far objects, causing you to require correctional lenses. This could easily be avoided by learning how to use these gadgets in the proper manner.

3. Inadequate Nutrient Intake For Eye Health

With the fast paced lives we live, many of us have resorted to taking fast foods and rarely have time for proper and nutritious meals. This has robbed us the ability to strengthen our bodies. The eyes, like any other body part, need particular nutrients like Lutein, Vitamin A and other carotenoids. These assist you to prevent deteriorating eyesight as well as prevent certain conditions like cataracts and glaucoma. One sure way how to stop eyesight deterioration is by integrating foods rich in carotenoids in your diet.

4. Exposure to Sunlight

The sun is a source of energy and contributes to good living for both flora and man. Yet this same sun contributes to the deterioration of eyesight. Ultraviolet rays produced by the sun are responsible for skin cancer. They affect the eye by causing cataracts, eyelid cancer as well as a myriad of other diseases. Since you cannot avoid the sun completely, protecting the eyes using sunglasses with inbuilt UV protection will keep them healthy for longer.

5. Pharmaceutical and Beauty Products

Pharmaceutical products like eye drops are used to promote the good health of the eyes. But when used incorrectly, they will cause great suffering. Eye drops are meant to be used for a particular period of time before being discarded. This is to prevent bacterial infections from being spread. Also, these eye drops usually have a short expiration period. When misused, this medication can lead to serious eye infections. Beauty products like mascara and eye liners have been known to cause bacterial infection. This happens when the tips used to apply the products get into contact with bacteria. When this bacterium stays for long, it manifests into harmful bacteria, which are transferred back to your eyes. This can be prevented by throwing out your eye products three months after buying them.

6. Smoking

This is yet another bad habit which has been held accountable for many negative effects on the human body. When you smoke the chances of developing some dilapidating eye conditions increases; you become prone to get conditions like dry eye syndrome, cataracts and glaucoma. This is just another good reason to kick smoking.

Did you know?

Did you know that just as any other muscles in your body, your eye muscles need to be exercised? One of the main causes of deteriorating eyesight is the lack of proper exercise for the eyes. It is responsible for dependency on correctional lenses as well as lack of eye power. When you exercise your eyes you are able to reverse the deterioration of eyesight and strengthen your eyes. By so doing you stop being dependent on correctional lenses. You are able to correct farsightedness, nearsightedness as well as astigmatism and aging vision.

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