Get to Know Do Eye Glasses Make Your Eyes Worse or Better

Published on December 15, 2015

Wearing eyeglasses is something that most of us were forced into. In childhood it was looked at as a dorky thing. If you had to start wearing your glasses then, it may have hurt your self-esteem a lot to endure the teasing of your peers. Probably you tried as much as possible to keep the glasses off your face to keep from being labeled a geek.

The exception is if your prescription was on the higher side, which meant you could not rid yourself of the glasses. As time has progressed you have had to get higher prescriptions after every few months to a year. Which begs the question, do glasses make your eyes worse or better?


Eyeglasses and the Power behind Them

Glasses beyond high school shape up to be something almost desirable. What with the selection of designer frames, you have a wide array to choose from. This enables you to express your personality, ending up looking quite attractive in them. Glasses also enable you to pull off a rather dashing corporate look. You are able to look intelligent and people around you tend to take you more seriously. Glasses also have the potential to make you feel veiled. That will give you confidence in times when you would have otherwise been shy. But the all-important question must be does wearing glasses improve eyesight?

There are a few advantages that you have from eyeglasses. You can easily get them at a more affordable price than the other options like contact lenses and LASIK surgery. That means that if you are having trouble with your vision, visiting your optometrist will get you a new prescription in a short time. Like most people, your eye sight has not been improving much since you started out on your glasses; in fact it has been deteriorating after every short period. So does your eyesight get worse with glasses or is it just a sad coincidence that your eye sight has started deteriorating faster since you started wearing glasses?

The sad answer to the question do glasses make your eyes worse is a resounding yes, they do. So how does wearing glasses weaken your eyes? Research, has over years of study discovered that by wearing glasses you prevent your eye muscles from working out. And just as every muscle that is left dormant, the muscles in your eyes lose their strength with continual use of eyeglasses. That explains why your prescription has been going higher each time. Experts advise you to wear your glasses only when you must; this is so as not to get your eyes dependent on them. Dependency contributes to the gradual loss of eye muscle power, which makes you a candidate for a new prescription.

Improving Eyesight the All Natural Way

It may seem hard to digest how does your eyesight get worse with glasses. Putting your trust in the conventional medical approach is the only thing you can blame. But if you are true to yourself you will testify to a continual drop in eyesight since you joined the trail of bespectacled population. The sad reality is that regardless of how insignificantly your eyes require correction, optometrists will always advice you to wear glasses, thus beginning your years of enslavement to lenses. Glasses will stop you from enjoying many aspects of life. You will experience sporting activities only from the sidelines as glasses keep you away from engaging in physical activities. You will have to endure a continual drop in eyesight once you begin wearing glasses. But it does not have to be like this.

It is possible to get your eyes functioning as they should; that is without eyeglasses. Knowing that eye power is lost because eye muscles are kept inactive, the only way to get back the health of your eyes naturally is by exercising these muscles. This is made possible by our initiative, How to improve EyesightTM, that takes you through a step by step process to restore your eye sight naturally. Knowing the answer to the question, do glasses make your eyes worse is a good motivation to start out on this program. Getting back to good eyesight is only a step away. You will benefit in getting back control of your life and doing what you desire with ease when you follow these simple, safe and affordable daily routines.

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