Eye Exercises for Astigmatism

Published on January 26, 2016

Blurred vision is something many live with because they don’t see any other way around it. Maybe it’s not too bad and they decide they can do without eyeglasses or corrective surgery. Astigmatism is most likely what you have if you have been struggling with blurred vision. Question you will need to ask yourself is if there is hope in eye exercises for astigmatism.

This condition is the abnormal development of either the cornea or lens of the eye. The cornea is the outer, transparent covering of the eye. Whereas it is meant to be circular naturally, if you suffer from astigmatism it is warped. This irregular formation is what causes blurred vision. When light hits a normal cornea it enables the eye to focus the light properly. In the case of an irregularly shaped cornea, the improper focus of light in the eye is what causes astigmatism. Click here for astigmatism test.


How to Prevent Astigmatism from Getting Worse

The most basic symptom of astigmatism is blurred vision as mentioned. Other symptoms that can discomfort you are night blindness, headaches, continual straining and fatigue. This can make working and concentrating rather uncomfortable activities. It is however possible to get away from this kind of living with eye exercises for astigmatism.

There are other ways that have been conventionally used on how to prevent astigmatism from getting worse. While it is a hereditary condition, it is seen to sometimes get worse with age. Research shows that corrective lenses make eyesight worse; they have the same effect on astigmatism. Eyeglasses are one of the ways used to correct it. When correcting astigmatism contact lenses are an option. Although more expensive than eyeglasses, they correct better. You will be limited to hard contact lenses because soft lenses do not give such good correction for astigmatism. LASIK surgery is another option but poses its risks. In fact, looking through the options of conventional astigmatism correction, they all have their drawbacks in that they offer a temporary solution which can end up making your eyes worse.

There are other ways you can use to prevent astigmatism from getting worse. These methods fall in eye care and can be achieved through dedication. One of the ways known to aggravate astigmatism is ocular stress. This is a condition that occurs when you focus your eyes on extremely close objects over extended periods of time. With current lifestyles it is impossible to stay away from ocular stress. Activities like watching television in low light and close range, reading from both print and electronic gadgets like kindles and phones, working continuously on a computer and engaging in fine work can worsen your condition by causing ocular stress.

You can prevent astigmatism this by taking care of your eyes. Constant breaks from strenuous activities will help preserve your eyes. Always work in a well lit environment. You should also keep yourself well hydrated to maintain good moisture content in your eyes. It is rightly said too that you are what you eat. Therefore keep yourself well fed on retinoid and carotenoids forms of Vitamin A to help you get good eye health. Eating the right nutrients is one of the best ways on how to prevent astigmatism from getting worse. But what of eye exercises for astigmatism to improve eye health?

Can Eye Exercises Improve Astigmatism?

While conventional methods are well known, the little spoken of eye exercises hold greater promise than these well known methods. Eye exercises provide you with a way to better your eye sight while correcting your astigmatism. The wonderful news is that unlike the conventional methods, eye exercises are greatly affordable. When compiled together and presented in the way the program How to improve eyesight naturally does, you are equipped with easy to do eye exercises that improve your eye sight greatly.

The best thing about these exercises is being able to do them wherever you are in quick succession. They only take up a short period of your time and get you back to enjoying great vision in a very short time! Your eyes will thank you for taking that step to get eye exercises for astigmatism. Get How to improve eyesight naturally today.

Here is also astigmatism infographic that you may want to share with your friends to help them cure astigmatism too!

Astigmatism infographic

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