Eye exercises – do they actually work?

Published on February 3, 2015

Eye exercises are the simplest and most natural way to restore and maintain perfect vision. They are created to suit not only those who want to improve their vision, but also those who want to maintain a perfect one. Eye exercises are effective in preventing visual loss. One of the most positive characteristics of vision exercise is that the whole process of training takes place in a natural way, without the use of drugs or dangerous laser surgery.

Improving eyesight naturally is not a new or experimental program. It is a collection of well-established facts and eye exercises that have been proven to be helpful, and have been verified by many years of testing by ophthalmologists.


This all must sound unbelievable to you and the first thing you ask is whether eye exercises will really help in getting rid of your glasses. Aside from my personal experience and guarantees, in my book, “How to Improve Eyesight,” you’ll find a series of true testimonies of people around the world, all of whom will tell you that my program and eye exercises helped them to see perfectly.

Who made the first eye exercises?

Wiliam H. BatesThe originator of this concept was Dr. William H. Bates, a well-known and respected ophthalmologist in the 1900s.

Dr. Bates, whilst working as an ophthalmologist, came into daily contact with many people who suffered from poor vision due to a variety of causes. During his long years of service, he became aware of a similar pattern in many patients – improvement in vision over time, without the use of glasses. Then, first out of curiosity and later with confirmed facts, he began to perform various research studies and laboratory experiments, which later brought about a revolution in improving vision and the emergence of the first books on improving eyesight which includes eye exercises, namely Bates Method for improving eyesight without glasses.

His conclusions from research over a number of years, which have since been confirmed by numerous researchers, were that in most cases, poor vision is caused by eyestrain. Eyes that are strained cannot see clearly and so people began to hide behind eyeglasses, which only served as a crutch for better eyesight. Of course, we are all lazy when we have someone who performs the hard work for us, so the eyes and eye muscles eventually lose their power to enlarge/reduce the image and adjust the eyes as that job has now been taken over by the glasses. This shows that prescription glasses actually damage your eyesight. Eye exercises strengthen the muscles of the eyes, which are responsible for good vision. Over time, as with any exercise, your muscles are strong enough to act independently without glasses, and so perform their function. Thus we get back our perfect vision.

Are eye exercises more modern today than they were before?

Dr. Bates’ research has been an inspiration to many, and his eye exercises only a precursor for future generations of scientists and doctors who shaped them and brought them to perfection. The eye exercises that are in my program for vision improvement are the most modern exercises today, and are proven to do the work much better and faster than the old Bates’ exercises. You cannot find these eye exercises on the internet or in any old books on the same subject.

I, my friend, am one of those who wanted to help themselves and I succeeded in the end. So I couldn’t be that selfish to keep this amazing discovery to myself. My wife was also one of us, the poor-eye sighted. At first, she was skeptical, but by persistently practicing the eye exercises which I had chosen and singled out for her, she got back her perfect vision. She is still immensely grateful and gives me her full support in helping other people in need.

Eye exercises are very simple, explained step-by-step and do not require much effort. I’m here to help you, as I have helped thousands of people to regain perfect vision, because it’s the greatest wealth of every man. You’ll have to be persistent and believe in eye exercises, but you’ll see the results very soon. Exercises to improve vision and living habits will revitalize not only your eyes but also your mind and body, and best of all, it will be achieved naturally.

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