Myopia (Short-sightedness): Natural Treatment With #1 Formula

Myopia is an eye disease in which the beam of light that enters the eye focuses in front of the retina instead of directly onto it, making it impossible to clearly see distant objects. They become blurred and unclear to the diseased eye.


Myopia is usually caused by continuous activities that involve excessive focus on objects in close proximity. These actions cause the external eye muscles to be in a constant state of spasm. This spasm is stressful for eye muscles, and as we have already said, our eyes and our body adapt to stress in order to be less damaged. The result of adjusting to this type of stress is stretching of the eyeball. The eyeball remains in the stretched position that worsens vision at a distance. It is also known that psychological stress and anxiety can lead to the progress of myopia.

To persons who suffer from near-sightedness, remote objects seem blurry, but they can clearly see everything in the immediate vicinity. They often look through eyelashes or constrict the eyelids to see a little more clearly in the distance.

Myopia is corrected by glasses with concave shaped lenses (sunk). These lenses zoom in the remote image on the retina, thus enabling distant objects to be seen again. In this way the lenses are doing the work instead of your eyes, which leads to an additional weakening of the muscles and gradually increasing dioptre.


Near-sightedness equally affects men and women, and is often detected in school children.

Eyes suffering from myopia are usually healthy, but a small number of people tend to develop more severe disorders of the cornea.

Thousands of people have already cured their myopia by following our program. Improving eyesight with natural methods is over a hundred times cheaper than having laser surgery, and since your natural vision is in question, once you improve it, it will not get worse again. Besides, you will avoid all dangers and side effects that are associated with surgery.

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