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When you work on self-healing, it is useful to have the support of a qualified professional, but keep in mind that most optometrists and ophthalmologists were not trained in natural healing and probably will not support your efforts or will try to talk you out of doing the exercises.

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This website is intended to promote the program, ie, a book titled “How to Improve Eyesight.” To order the book, fill out the order form on the home page. You can also see the current price for the order. Along with the book, free of charge, you will get the optotype and cards with letters for exercising eyes.

The book and bonus materials are in electronic (PDF) format and can be printed.

Payments are made securely through Paypal.

In addition to the book, on this website other by-products may be advertised. Description and price of each product is listed in the products sub-pages.


The “How to Improve Eyesight” program comes with a one-year warranty. If the book has not met your expectations, you have the right to send it back and ask for a refund within 365 days.

For other physical products (eg, pinhole glasses, vitamins, eye patch), we do not give a guarantee, because these are consumables.


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