Can Presbyopia be Corrected Naturally?

Published on February 11, 2016

You’ve been having a rather tough time reading and doing up close fine work for some time now. It all started with some bit of strain and now you have to hold books and newspapers at arm’s length in order to read properly. You have had a lot of strain if you try to do any of your hobbies that task your eyes. If you are just hitting 40 years plus you most likely have presbyopia.

This is farsightedness that affects those above 40 as a natural aging process of the eyes. If you are in this age group or are nearing it your one important question should be can presbyopia be corrected naturally?


Understanding Presbyopia

For us to answer the question of what is presbyopia and how is it corrected naturally we need to break it down. Presbyopia is caused by the loss of elasticity and thickening of the eye lens. This compounded with stiffening muscles that surround the lens make it difficult for the lens to move adequately in order to focus properly. This will give you trouble focusing on up-close objects like fine print and your past time like knitting. When this happens the most natural thing to do is to get help from an eye care specialist. This is the road that they will most likely lead you to.

The Common Ways to Deal with Presbyopia

Presbyopia is distinguished by affecting your general eye focus unlike other eye conditions. That means both your near and far sight is affected. For you who wears eyeglasses already or contact lenses there is a huge possibility they will not work as blurred vision sets in. The most common way to treat this condition is to use bifocals eyeglasses. They have two different lens powers within one lens. The lower portion of the lens helps you focus on the close objects like fine print while the upper portion of the lens enables you to focus on distant objects. The interesting thing about starting out on eyeglasses is that your eyesight continues to deteriorate. But can presbyopia be corrected naturally?

Apart from bifocals, prescription eyeglasses as well as reading glasses are widely used. If you already had eyeglasses and you are now getting blurred vision you may need to get a new prescription. That may however become a constant with regular updates through life. Contact lenses are also used to correct presbyopia for those who are not against having a foreign object in their eye. Here you can get monovision lenses which allow for one eye to see far objects while the other eye gets near vision correction. Multifocal lenses are also available. For the brave at heart surgery also beckons where you can have an implant to better your near vision. But if you knew how to correct presbyopia naturally wouldn’t you take that easier route over these risky ones?

How to Correct Presbyopia Naturally

Looking beyond the conventional means of eyesight correction you should understand that your eyes work the same way as the limbs on your body. They use muscles to achieve focus. These muscles require to be kept in shape the same way you keep the rest of your body in shape. If you have been wondering can presbyopia be corrected naturally then the answer is a resounding yes!

First of all you need to ensure that you are giving your eyes the right nutrients in order to have them functioning well. This is just like you feed your body. Remember the eyes require foods rich in carotenoids. Secondly, you will need to find a system that exercises the eyes that they may regain their strength and health. When you work out your body you need to warm up and warm down your body. This is no different for the eyes. Warming up the eyes can take various forms that will encourage blood flow in your eye muscles. This will be like eye rotations when they are closed or looking up, down, alternating with left and right without moving your head. These warm up is important in helping your eyes be flexible for the exercises you will do.

If you have been wondering can presbyopia be corrected naturally you now know it is possible. You can get the easy to do exercises from the How to Improve Your Eyesight program today. Take that step and stop eye aging in its tracks today.

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