The Truth the Eye Care Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know!

Published on February 25, 2016

Have you ever wondered if you don’t have to be like everyone over 40, with eyeglasses that is? But that is impossible, right? Above 40 is the time when your eyes start to lose their focusing power. This is called presbyopia and affects you at some point as you get older and your eye muscles stiffen up. Your eye doctor in his wisdom gives you a prescription for bifocal glasses that will help your eyes in both near and far sight.

If you have eyeglasses or contacts you will need to replace them at this time because they won’t be working either. Your eye doctor is looking out for your best interests in getting you a quick fix, isn’t he? The eye industry works the same way as the entertainment industry; by telling you not to move a muscle and to let the external lenses work for you. That is how the eye industry thrives, but how better are you becoming with this help?


Technology and its Effects on Children

Technology has changed the world for a better place by making everything so much easier. It has packaged everything from work to play to hobbies into screens. This begins early in advance for children as they join the band wagon of the advanced world. They get hooked to smart phones from an early age as they are kept busy by games. Once they are old enough they join social media, which has them constantly on the phone. When it comes to school work, interactive platforms means they do and submit their homework through computers. They have online libraries and resources, which means if they are not interacting, they will be bettering themselves with education. Once those two are done with them, you get to have them lounging in front of the TV watching their favorite movies and programs.

In this environment of constant use of screens, you should remember that these eyes are still developing and have now been put in a challenging environment. What you get are children with sore, red, and tired eyes. Shortsightedness becomes the order of the day since the children keep their eyes focused on close objects a foot or two from them. Their sight is challenged and with this you will take them to the eye doctor for them to be fitted with lenses. It will make your life better, so you have been told. But what is it the eye doctor is not telling you? Apart from fitting you or your child with lenses have you gotten any advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle? Most likely than not the doctor just told you to remember to go for an appointment to upgrade your lenses in six months.

The Truth about Your Eyes Your Doctor Won’t Tell You

There are very few eye doctors who would ever tell you the truth about your eyes and lenses. Some don’t know, others conveniently ignore and others keep it a close guarded secret. This secret is kept well because knowing that you could very well do without the eyeglasses or even surgery will put them out of business. Did you know that your eyes need a work out just like every other muscle in your body? You have lived a life without really working your eyes out. These muscles tend to degenerate with time and they are made worse by eyeglasses, lenses and laser surgery! You heard right! The doctors will not tell you this very important information because they will not be relevant anymore. But all it takes is taking time to care for your eyes. Take control of your eye care now and restore your eyesight!

Make the Change Now

Today you get to learn what you need to do to change your eyesight for the better. All it takes is committing to take care of your eyes every day. It’s as easy as taking a few minutes a day to exercise your eyes and strengthen those muscles. When you nourish them with good nutrition you help them get back to good health. You also need to change some bad habits that are wearing your eyes down. All this information is presented in our step-by-step program “How to Improve Eyesight”. When you take this step you stop your eyes from degenerating and regain their power and vitality. Do it today and stop spending your money in eye care that makes your eyes worse.

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